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Upcycler's Lab is a social startup in India that is focused on creating environmental awareness and behaviour change through play based learning tools. We lay special focus on creating board games, puzzles and books on topics such as waste segregation and ocean conservation for children between ages 2 and 9. Through the past years we have successfully implemented projects in both Kuwait and Singapore for their Green Schools programs in association with their respective governments.


There has been an increasing call for solutions to help reduce the rapid advance of climate change across the globe and save planet Earth from its devastating long-term effects. While the current generation is a major part of the problem, they were never formally introduced to the planet’s problems and ways to keep it healthy and clean. Unfortunately, this trend seems to have continued, which is where Upcycler’s Lab is looking to make a difference!

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Content & Social Media Marketing


Minimum 8 weeks

Required Skills

Creativity, (and / or)

Familiarity with supporting or managing social media handles 

Commencement Date


Choose one or more of the following areas:

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media Marketing

We need someone who is good with Instagram and is able to make cool reels and other videos on sustainability for us. We also need the person to engage with and grow our community digitally, boosting our overall social media reach.


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