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Virtual MObility & Job Opportunities 


We have started off as a boutique virtual internship platform, offering placements with unique Indian social enterprises and not for profits.

We want to focus on the details and quality of our current offerings before we expand!


Aim 1 is to offer internships with a broader range of organizations in India (XS, S, M, L, XL)


Aim 2 is to additionally offer internships in countries outside of India (we won’t give you any hints just yet)

Aim 3 is to take the big leap and roll-out a plethora of international virtual experiences including but not limited to language & cultural exchanges, collaborative projects, masterclasses, contests, start-up launchpad etc., etc.

International + Virtual = Everyone Everywhere Anytime

i.e. the sky is the limit


We are a virtual offshoot of our sister project, Go India Initiative (GII)! 

GII offers customized travel-based study, volunteer and internship programs across India collaborating with universities in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan and more! Check out our website to see what we’re about!

We have leveraged GII’s organization connections in India and university connects in other parts of the world to launch an international virtual internship platform!


Both GII & The Virtual Mojo are powered by Think Education, a Mumbai-based firm focused on international education.

Mission Mojo
Mojo Who?



Mojo the pug wants you to have what’s best for your personal development and career! :) 

Henlo Hooman
My mom is obsessed with me (can’t blame her tbh) and that’s why you see me here.

Strengths: Snoozing in any position, finishing my meals at lightening fast speed, taking instructions in sign language

(I’ve lost my hearing, but love doing tricks for treats)

Weaknesses: Food, butt scratches and stuffed toys

Ambition: To be the goodest boy there is!

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Ishana Malkani (A.K.A. MOJO’S MOM)

Being born and raised in Mumbai, India, I expanded my understanding of the world by travelling extensively. When I was in college, we had only about 3-4 exchange students at a time join us for a semester.. I used to volunteer as a ‘buddy’ to these exchange students, showing them around and I absolutely loved it! With all my other classmates being from India, I was so intrigued by the stories these exchange students had to share about their life and culture – and they were equally interested in mine. 


When I co-founded the Go India Initiative in 2017, it was a dream come true for me. I started collaborating with universities and business schools across the world bringing their students to India, bonding with them for a few weeks while showing them my country. Our collaborators have always treated our team as friends and after building so many memories together, when they fly back home, we all miss each other and start talking about when they can visit next!


2020 had other things in store for us, and while GII is patiently waiting for travel to go back to normal, I got down to doing some research on virtual exchanges to see how we can truly provide value and connect people globally. I’m extremely grateful to our GII collaborators and friends who have helped me shape our virtual internship offering! I’m super excited to have two ventures that compliment each other – not everyone has the opportunity to travel and 2020 has opened our eyes to the real wonders of the virtual world.

Connect with me on LinkedIn
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We are grateful to our advisors for helping us shape our virtual offerings by providing us with their valuable feedback, suggestions and encouragement. Each of our advisors has had rich experience and a

remarkable career in international higher education! 

Our Founder
Our Advisors
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