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S4S Technologies is a social impact enterprise and a food preservation company that invents new food processing machines. In India, farmers often sell their produce for a cheaper price in the evening, as it otherwise rots. S4S Technologies has developed a business model that dehydrates and processes these excess vegetables and fruits, and builds a supply chain to get them to the market.

The company developed a solar conduction dryer that increases the shelf life of vegetables to six months. They identify women entrepreneurs in villages who become aggregators that work with 15-20 micro-entrepreneurs each. Based on market demand, these micro-entrepreneurs dry items like ginger, garlic, carrot and beetroot. Once dried, aggregators supply the products back to S4S, which then sells the produce to institutional clients. The dryers are well-suited for farmers working under erratic electricity conditions, and the rent-based model makes the product affordable and helps generate additional income for farmers. S4S works directly with more than 2,700 farmer and farmer cooperatives under its solar powered dehydration initiative supported by USAID, UKAID, Gates Foundation, and the Government of India.

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Data Visualisation


Minimum 4 weeks

Required Skills

Google Data Studio

Advanced Excel skills

Commencement Date


Create and maintain data dashboards which track key metrics across functions


  • Perform statistical analysis to understand key drivers of digital marketing metrics like acquisition, retention, ROI, engagement, etc. and provide actionable recommendations for SEO, SEM, headline analysis, etc.

  • Apply your expertise in quantitative analysis to uncover actionable insights about user behaviour on our apps

  • Manage analytics end-to-end for our digital products including creation of data capture frameworks or events, testing analytics functionality and documentation

  • Use data visualisation tools like Data Studios/Tableau to represent findings in an easy-to-understand manner to a variety of internal & external stakeholders

  • Drive problem-solving and continuous improvement by using data to assess impact of business decisions (including new features, A/B experiments, etc.) on users

Market Research


Minimum 4 weeks

Required Skills

Analytical thinking

Commencement Date


Your role will include the following tasks:

  • Identify market offering of different companies in agri sector and provide insights on the same

  • Collect primary through in-depth interviews, telephonic interviews and focus group discussions

  • Get a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and stakeholders from primary data collection

  • Collect secondary data on existing work in the menstrual hygiene sphere

  • Transcribe and/or process document the interviews

  • Work with multiple stakeholders and beneficiaries on research projects

  • Analyse, interpret and formulate

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