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Rural and urban India are often referred to as 18th and 21st century India and the reality is that there are some significant disparities that exist between the two. 

The Learning Space Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust that works for bettering quality of education in rural areas of Maharashtra, by developing good models of age-appropriate education and by supporting rural schools in remotely located areas with adequate educational infrastructure & facilities, as well as set up support systems for the very underprivileged rural youth to acquire undergraduate & postgraduate level education in India and overseas.

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Content Creation


Minimum 8 weeks

Required Skills

Creative writing

Commencement Date


We are looking for interns for educational content creation in the capacity of, but not limited to, blog writing, designing and development of materials. The content created will support us in our efforts of running educational and awareness programs in rural India.

Work schedule and tasks are flexible based on the interns' comfort and convenience.

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