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Healis is a non-profit research organization that aims to advance public health in India by undertaking timely high quality population-based epidemiological research and capacity building. Since its inception in 2004, the organisation is committed to improving public health in India by addressing crucial public health questions and facilitating the translation of research findings into policies / programs at a national level. Healis works in collaboration with leading national and international health and research organisations. An organisation dedicated to improving public health in India and other low-middle income countries.

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Minimum 8 weeks

Required Skills

Postgraduate student of health / medicine

Commencement Date


Choose one or more of the following areas:

  • Role of genetic and dietary factors in breast cancer risk

  • Tobacco carcinogen exposures in India 

  • Adolescent tobacco use in India and Tobacco Control Policy

  • OR any other area related to Public Health

You will be assigned a mentor / supervisor 

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