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Acing languages is an online language learning platform in which native students with language skills are trained to become teachers and teach other students around the world. We strongly believe that “no one understands a student better than a student.”


Our objective is to train and help students with language skills become financially

independent as teachers.


All of our students have seen a significant improvement in their grades after classes with us and have been accepted into their dream universities such as Harvard, USC, ESSEC Business school and more!


The languages taught by our native teachers are: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin). 


We offer various programs to help students for several purposes: 

-    To ace their exams (we customize the classes to their needs and curriculum. Our specialty consists in helping students prepare for the IGCSE and the IB)

-    To help them indulge in the culture of the country of their choice with a local (through virtual tours, songs, dancing, cooking, language learning and more)

-    To help them learn/master the language of their choice 

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Marketing (Digital or Traditional) 


6 to 12 weeks

Required Skills

Canva (only for digital)

Commencement Date



  • Create content such as posts and stories on social media platforms

  • Identify collaborations on these platforms to boost visibility 

  • Ideation for campaigns


  • Word of mouth marketing 

  • Networking 

Teaching Spanish or French


1 year 

Approx 2 teaching hours per week

Required Skills

Fluent in Spanish & English


Fluent in French & English

Commencement Date



10 to 15 Euros per teaching hour

Requirement: Only for people native to Spain or France 

We are searching for native Spanish / French teachers to teach their native language to students from around the world. 

Be patient, open-minded about different cultures and have a passion for teaching!

Adapt your teaching style to the students' needs and curriculum. 

Be an ambassador to the company 

Bonus points: teaching experienced and knowledge on the IGCSE or IB curriculum 

Each teaching class is an hour long. On average, teaching hours would be 2 hours per week

Data Entry & Admin


4 to 12 weeks

Required Skills

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel

Commencement Date


We are looking for someone to support us with basic functions of finance, accounting and data entry on excel

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