"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

― Anatole France

WeLove Animals Foundation is an 80G certified ngo, working towards animal welfare.

We at WeLove Foundation are striving to awaken humans by spreading kindness for all the animals. Our foundation works towards animal protection, raising public awareness, defending rights of all non-human creatures and educating humans on being compassionate towards strays.

In a world that is growing insensitive towards the animals, we stand out to make a difference. To bring out this change, we run programs like Feeding Strays, Providing Medical Aid, Sterilization, Vaccinations, Adoption & Fostering.

Education is the only key to save the world from the unkind. As a part of our education, we guide the young minds at different schools to build a better relationship with animals and the environment.

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Social Media and Content Creation


8 weeks

Required Skills

Social Media (Facebook & Instagram),

Content creation (blogs), Video Making & Editing (basic)

Commencement Date



INR 20,000

Project for the Foundation 

We are looking for animal lovers who believe in our philosophy and would partner with us to support our causes and spread awareness about the same. 

Objective of the project: 

Spread awareness through media campaigns on adoption, animal cruelty and sterilization 

The topics we can look at are: 

1. Adoption - adopt don't shop. Research adoptions in India, stray adoptions, abandoned pets adoption. What are the pros and cons for adopting different breeds. A full campaign to be executed with social media posts and digital marketing. 

2. Animal Cruelty – Focus on animal cruelty in India. So from senseless sacrificing to animal testing and general cruelty. This will also be an awareness campaign. This can include things like animals being slaughtered for food etc as well. 

3. Sterilisation campaign - here we can bring about awareness and importance for sterilisation and specially in India where even the animal population is quite high. The fate of some animals after birth etc, this can also be linked to cruelty. 

Social Media Role: 

• Ideating, creating and posting content to different social media platforms 

• Planning and adhering to content calendars to schedule posts on different social media platforms 

• Optimizing content, tracking user traffic and assessing user response to different content posted 

• Help plan social media campaigns to reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness and drive sales 

• Photography, graphic design and video content creation