Captain Zackʼs range of dog care products is designed with the objective of giving every dog breed the most comforting and reaction-free experience. Like doorbells and dog barks, our products are synonymous with functionality! 

A serial entrepreneur and an animal lover, Mohit owned a beautiful pup – Zack! Despite numerous pet shampoos he used, Zack had a prolonged itching issue starting mid-age. Unhappy with the general product quality available in India, Mohit with 3 decades of experience in personal care & pharma industry, decided to take this cause up. He was determined to create safe products that deeply care for pet hygiene and health. This determination and product research for years gave birth to ʻCAPTAIN ZACKʼ. 

His love and passion for animals and this cause led Mohit to establish his own animal welfare foundation – WeLove Animals Foundation. 

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Influencer Marketing & Content Creation 


8 weeks

Required Skills

Social Media,

Creative Writing  

Commencement Date



INR 25,000

Captain Zack's University of Barkley is an initiative by Captain Zack & WeLove Animals Foundation to create a legacy for the betterment of lesser privileged canines. This is a dedicated platform for pet parents to connect for sharing and receiving information with regards to the overall wellbeing of their pets and also to spread happiness by contributing towards the welfare of dogs. Here you can browse through various topics covering medicine, grooming, nutrition, obedience, therapy and many more!


Here's what we need your help with: 

Task 1: DailyActivity 

  • Identify and reach out to 5 petfluencers a day to work on a barter association where they promote Captain Zack University of Barkley. The end goal is to have 50 such petfluencers associated with us all year round promoting content on UniversityofBarkley.

Task2: Blog

  • Write 3500 - 1000 word blogs on generic topics to do with dogs every week.


Task3: Strategy

  • Weekly discussions on the strategy for promoting our platform.

Social Media & Content Creation


8 weeks

Required Skills

Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram),

Creative Content & Writing, Photo & Video Editing (Basic), Experience with Pets (could help!) 

Commencement Date



INR 25,000

  • This role would essentially need to analyse the social media handles and provide a strategy to improve on it. 

  • Brainstorm and provide a content calendar for the month.

  • Grow online social networks by increasing fan-base and interactions.

  • Monitor and post on blogs, forums, and social networks.

  • Interact and engage with influencers to promote Captain Zack products.

  • Performs research to find articles, stories, resources or other content that is relevant photos, video or other content from activities and events.

  • Create content fun, quirky and engaging content around pets.



  • Creative self-starter who is comfortable with both taking initiative and working in collaboration. 

  • Openness to learn, willingness to try anything, strong communication/writing skills and out of the box thinking to promote the products in a unique and creative way. 

  • Experience with basic photo editing and video editing is not necessary but it is a plus! 

  • Familiarity with mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram.

  • Strong writing skills to create content and adapt the brand’s voice to a variety of different social media platforms. They may also be tasked with curating blogs. 

  • Ability to multi-task 

  • If you own a pet, you have an added advantage.

Website Tech Operations


8 weeks

Required Skills

Web Design & Editing,


Creative Design (Photoshop / Illustrator),

Converting design to HTML/CS/JS Code,

Experience with Pets (could help!)

Commencement Date



INR 25,000

  • Would require a good in-depth analysis of our website, suggest, and execute changes.

  • Changing the Web UI/ UX to enhance user experience and to improve aesthetics.

  • Optimize to make it make SEO friendly.

  • Daily operational changes to be done for the products on the website 



  • Require an analytical and creative designer who is able to grasp user needs and solve problems. 

  • Project experience in web design (College-based projects will also be considered). 

  • Proficient in any UI tool (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator). 

  • Should be able to convert the design into HTML/CS/JS code 

  • Strong conceptualization & visual communication ability 

  • Identify design problems and devise elegant solutions 

  • If you own a pet, you have an added advantage 

  • Good communication skills